Our Story

We as a whole have a story to tell, regardless of our identity or where we’re from; a story that helps us to remember a past that can never be overlooked. This is a story can characterize one’s life; one that contains the possibility to make an existence that is a response to the story or an existence enlivened and inspired by it.

Our story

So what precisely is our story? To me our story is an immediate result of our initial years but then it is likewise being made with every last snapshot of our life, with every breath that we take.

This is a blend of how we were dealt with and how we saw ourselves as result. It additionally incorporates the sentiments, musings and feelings this caused and the practices that were made. What we trust we are skilled off and what we can anticipate from life.

Every one of these diverse variables frames our character or mental self portrait. What’s more, the story keeps these alive through the inward and external redundancy of the encounters that we have.

A Gift Or A Curse?

We can see that our story profoundly affects our life; it can without much of a stretch set us up forever. This may be a story that one is content with, a story that is significant and satisfying. The test is the point at which this is a story that isn’t satisfying or important, a story that causes disappointment, debilitation and sadness.

What’s more, if this is a story that does one no favors; does it have characterize ones entire life or is it something can be transmuted and over come?

Our sense of self

The fascinating thing here is that the inner self personality enables one to have an individual story; a story that is novel and has its own significance. This enables one to have their own motivation, a reason that will harmonize and interface with others, however is in any case interesting to them.

At the point when the sense of self personality is develop and created, it turns into a practical instrument or conductor for the higher self to express its most profound longings. These may appear as endowments, longings of the heart and interests that never vanish.

These can be disregarded or stifled, yet they are never really expelled; they can’t be, for there natural parts of us.

The Other Side

It is then evident that our conscience is there for a reason, anyway there is another side to the inner self and side that is very natural.

This is the undeveloped self image, the sense of self that has been depicted as the masochist or crude conscience. To the extent I know the self image works on what is sheltered and what is protected, is what is recognizable. This implies the sense of self will clutch what it knows and what it has encountered, as this is natural and along these lines safe.

So how does this identify with our story? This means our sense of self personality will clutch a story regardless of how useful or useless it is. This is on account of it is seen as natural and hence sheltered.

Who Am I?

The undeveloped sense of self personality fears giving up and is fuelled or exists through dread. In the event that it just knows itself concerning what is natural then it is obvious to see that it has no genuine personality of its own. The main character it has depends on the past; framing its personality out of thoughts and discernments.

So on the off chance that it just knows itself through the past and what is recognizable it bodes well with respect to why it hangs on and fears giving up. With regards to the personality mind this would feel like loss of itself and along these lines demise. At the point when in all actuality all that is occurring is the conscience is being developed and created, turning into an associate to the self as opposed to taking complete control and causing perpetual agony and enduring.


With a specific end goal to grasp and work from the self our story should be recognized and heard. To deny or disregard our story will just make a battle with the conscience psyche and this is a fight that can never be won.

It isn’t critical whether this story is viewed as the internal identity or similarly as the past. What is essential is that it is recuperated and nearness/mindfulness is permitted to enter.

Unadulterated Awareness

Oneself shows up and becomes possibly the most important factor through mindfulness or unadulterated mindfulness. This for the most part occurs through the slow and relentless seeing of the mind which prompts the mending of the past, not getting captured in the developments of the mind just viewing.


Upon the impression of these diverse components above we can agree that it is really conceivable to move out of our story and that our story isn’t our identity or what we are able to do.

Also, that our story is at last only an outcome of the undeveloped and adapted personality, which clutches the past on the grounds that it fears losing itself.

A New Story

The past can be utilized as an impetus and maybe the past is applicable to our motivation throughout everyday life. That every circumstance and experience we have is the thing that will prompt the acknowledging of our most prominent satisfaction. Furthermore, that every decision one makes or doesn’t make will lead one closer or further far from this reality.

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